Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps

Pumps are designed for pumping of air, non-aggressive gases, vapors and steam-gas mixtures from pressurized vacuum systems (creation of medium and high vacuum).

Pumps are used in production of pure materials, thin films and coatings, high-quality welded and brazed joints, in manufacture of electronic devices, microbiological products and medicines, to create pre-vacuum in the high-vacuum units etc.

Vacuum spool-type pump units.

Main application:

  • Vacuum


No Designation Ultimate vacuum, kPa (mm of mercury), not more than Action speed, l/s, not less than Motor power, kW
1 НВЗ-300 6.7х10-3(5х10-2) 380 37
2 НВЗ-500 6.7х10-3(5х10-2) 560 55