Private engineering and manufacturing company (PEMC) “Terra” specializes in development, manufacturing and supply of pumping equipment.
PEMC “Terra” consists of qualified specialists in pump manufacturing field. We have our own design base, well equipped production with modern technologies. This will allow you to improve serial production, quickly develop and explore new products that meet growing needs of the market.

Quality management system, created in full compliance with the international standard ISO 9001, is in effect in the company.

Pumps are manufactured in accordance with specifications and standards applicable on the territory of Ukraine and the Russian Federation and certified by SC NASTHOL of RF Gosstandart.

Companies of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Belarus are business partners of PEMC “Terra”.

We are ready to establish mutually beneficial, long-term partnership relations with you.

Company has closed production cycle, beginning from development of design documentation, manufacturing of pattern equipment, casting blanks with further machining, pumping equipment assembly, hydraulic test site.

Products scope of application – companies of chemical, metallurgical, coal-mining, pulp and paper, sugar, oil industry, public utilities.