We can render services in machining, according to technological processes, in compliance with specifications, drawings and technical documentation as per GOST, OST.

Services are as follows:

  • turning lathe group allows machining of shafts with length up to 3 meters (model 1М63);
  • machining of large size parts Ø600mm is performed on turning lathe model 2А601;
  • as well as on mod. РТ-686 with rotary table Ø1000mm with max diameter of machined part in overlying position to the bed 1400 mm, max diameter of machined part over carriage 1000 mm, max length of machined part is 2500 mm;
  • turning-and-boring machine mod. 1516Ф1 with rotary table Ø1400 mm (with possibility of machining up to Ø1600 mm);
  • milling on machines mod. 6М82Г, СФ40, 6М13П;
  • drilling on radial drilling machines mod. 2А554, 2К521;
  • slotting of large size parts Ø500 mm on machine mod.7Д-450;
  • with slotting pace 120-50 mm, table movement capacity – 600 mm, the largest cutter size 40×25 mm;
  • boring on machines mod. 2А614, 2А601;
  • we can render services on steelworks manufacturing (all necessary welding equipment, including argon or carbon dioxide welding, in stock);
  • we can perform sandblasting.