Condensate pumps

Condensate pumps

Application: Pumps of Кс type and pumping units of Акс type are designed for pumping condensate in steam-water lines of heat and power supply thermal generating units, as well as clear water with temperature up to 160°С in heat and water supply systems.

Design: Condensate pumps Кс are centrifugal, horizontal, single-entry, multi-stage, vertical split casing pumps. Rotor supports are outboard rolling bearings with grease lubricant (Кс). Shaft seals are mechanical with gland packing (-С) interchangeable with mechanical end ones (-Т).


  • covers and sections – carbon steel forgings;
  • flowing part details– 20Х13Л and 30Х13 chrome steel forgings and castings;
  • groove seals details –non-tearing corrosion-resistant alloys;
  • shaft – rolled section of structural alloy steel 40Х.

Completeness of set:

  • assembled pump with auxiliary pipelines within the limits of pump;
  • counter-flanges on branch pipes;
  • drive motor;
  • box-coupling of МУВП or МУП type with guard;
  • common foundation frame;
  • fastenings for pump, motor and coupling guard;
  • spare tools and accessories kit.

Completeness is specified in purchase order.

Specification of pumps Кс, delivered in series:

Desiagnation Parameters
Capacity,m3/hour Нead,m Rotation speed
Motor power,
kW(r=907 kg/m3)
kW (r=1000 kg/m3)
Efficiency,% NPSH, m
PumpКс 32-150-2-СУХЛ4 PumpКс 32-150-2-ТУХЛ4 32 150 2900 18.0 19.8 66 1.6
Pump Кс 50-55-2-С УХЛ4Pump Кс 50-55-2-Т УХЛ4 50 55 2920 10.5 11.5 65