They are designed for separation of suspensions in the wide range of dispersion and concentrations of solid phase. They are used in chemical industry for treatment of suspensions containing soluble crystals of solid phase: potassium chloride and sodium chloride, copper sulphate, ammonium carbonate and others.

Depending on technological purpose the Company manufactures the centrifuges of ФГН and ОГН types.

Filtering centrifuges (ФГН type) are designed for separation of suspensions with solid phase having crystalline structure or granular structure with particle size of 30-150 µm.

Settling centrifuges (ОГН type) are designed for separation of difficult-to-filter suspensions with medium and fine grain (particle size of 5 … 40 µm), when high content of liquid phase in received sediment is allowed, and use of filtering surfaces is impossible.

The advantages of these centrifuges are the following: simple design, automatic control, and possibility for processing suspensions of wide range of solid phase concentration and particle sizes, high quality of solid phase washing (FGN-type centrifuges).

This equipment can be operated in explosion-hazardous premises of B-la, B-lla class, as well as in the rooms with increased humidity