Pump is a hydraulic machine for conversion of mechanical energy of driving motor into fluid energy, which serves for movement and creation of head of fluids of all types, mechanical mixture of liquid with solid and colloid substances or liquefied gases. It should be noted that machines for pumping and creation of gas head are separated into individual groups and are named as fans and compressors. Pressure difference of fluid in pump and in pipeline causes its movement.

Feed water pumps ЦНС
Feed water pumps ПЭ
Condensate pumps Кс
Condensate pumps КсВ
Condensate pumps КсД
Network pumps (СЭ)
General-purpose industrial pumps ЦН
General-purpose industrial pumps Д
Petroleum and oil-fired pumps 10НД-6*1, 8НД-10*5
Vacuum pumps ВВН
Vacuum pumps АВЗ
Vacuum pumps НВЗ