Network pumps

Network pumps

Application: Pumps of СЭtype and pump units based on them of АСЭtype are designed for water pumping with temperature up to180° C in heat networks.


Design: network pumps СЭ – centrifugal, horizontal, spiral with casing horizontal joint, single- and double-stage with crossover pipes with double inlet impellers. Outboard rolling bearings with crankcase lubrication are rotor supports. Shaft seals – mechanical with gland packing with supply of cooling or sealing liquid (-C), interchangeable with mechanical end caps (-T).



  • casing, cover – castings from gray cast iron;
  • impeller – casting from chrome steel 20Х13Л;
  • groove seals parts – non-tearing corrosion resistant alloys;
  • shaft – long steel from structural alloy steel 40Х.


Completeness of set:

  • assembled pump with auxiliary piping within pump;
  • counter-flanges on branch pipes;
  • electric drive motor;
  • connecting coupling of МУВП or МУП type with grating;
  • protection grid;
  • throttling device;
  • lubrication unit (for pump units АПЭ 250 &АПЭ 270);
  • overall or separate foundation frames (depending on pump typical size);
  • fastening parts of pump, motor and coupling grating;
  • set of spare parts.


Completeness of set shall be specified in purchase order.


Designation Pumps parameters
Supply, m3/h Head, m Rotational frequency, rpm Power, kW(r=888 kg/m3) Power, kW(r=1000 kg/m3) Efficiency, % NPSH, m
Pump СЭ 500-70-16-С  УХЛ4 500 70 3000 103 116 82 10
PumpСЭ 500-70-16-Т УХЛ4Pump СЭ 800-55-11-С УХЛ4 800 55 1500 131 148 81 5.5
PumpСЭ 800-55-11-Т УХЛ4Pump СЭ 800-100-11-С УХЛ4 800 100 1500 242 273 80 5.5
PumpСЭ 800-100-11-Т УХЛ4PumpСЭ 1250-70-11-С УХЛ4 1250 70 1500 255 288 83 7.5
PumpСЭ 1250-70-11-Т УХЛ4Pump СЭ 1250-140-11-С УХЛ4 1250 140 1500 510 575 83 7.5
PumpСЭ 1250-140-11-Т УХЛ4

Диапазон параметров Q-H насосов СЭ